Holzer Street Residences


Holzer Street Residences respond to the challenge of adapting a typical suburban block into three bespoke residences for different generations of the same family.

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The planning of the project involved positioning all living & bedroom areas to the north of the site with entry accessed off the side laneway & street. When viewed there is the illusion that whilst appearing one storey, there are actually two. The roofing folds gesture to the laneway as entry elements to the residences while all three residences feature internal rain gardens immediate to the living spaces, with the effect of these gardens filtering inside the living spaces.

The articulated & sculptural elements of the project activate the suburban laneway, while the project enables a regeneration of the family compound – providing three bespoke residences on one block.

The project demonstrates the opportunities that our suburbs possess for sustainable housing infill & inventive architecture to fuse the family nexus.

Winner - Best Medium Density Housing (Bayside Built Environment Awards 2014)
Project Completed 2014
Client Private
Location Sandringham
Photography by: Tom Blachford