Beach Road Residences


Situated in Black Rock, above the iconic red bluff cliffs – these four boutique residences emulate the profusion and colours of the popular foreshore landscapes.

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Layouts for the Beach Road residences are designed around maximizing living spaces to Port Phillip Bay. To the Beach Road frontage, the apartments are strongly expressed and articulated to achieve individual identification while the side forms are shaped following setback line requirements, minimizing vertical walling and visual bulk.

Roof folds, hooded roof windows & shaped balconies all combine to an articulation and lightness of structure to its nearby foreshore environment.

The spatial planning of the residences is designed around the integration of side & rear courtyard gardens, with living & bedroom spaces benefiting from the direct interface with these secluded internal landscapes.
Project Completed 2015
Client Private
Location Black Rock
Photography by: Tom Blachford